If you are contemplating having surgery by one of our physicians, we request that our office have suitable x-rays prior to your surgery. In Orthopaedic surgery, pre-operative x-rays play an important role in the planning of your surgery, and help assess the need for additional bone graft or other materials. Many of you will have x-rays done at other offices or facilities. If they are acceptable and are of good diagnostic quality, we would like to keep them rather than send them back to the facility where they were taken. If we are unable to keep them, or if they are of inadequate quality, we would like to have them done in our office. If you have not had x-rays prior to your appointment, you will be asked to have x-rays taken upon arrival at our office. Follow-up x-rays should be kept in our office; they are a vital part of your ongoing medical record.

We hope that you understand these requests. They are designed to help facilitate our service to you.