Thanks to Improved Technology, Hip and Knee Replacements Last Longer

In the past, patients experiencing pain and mobility issues associated with diseased and damaged knee or hip joints were sometimes encouraged to put off joint replacement surgery if possible. Why? Because getting a joint replacement at a relatively young age often meant you faced future surgeries, sometimes several, to replace worn components.

While your new knee or hip won’t last forever, current medical technology and surgical technique can provide longer-lasting results, including longevity of the replacement parts. When physical therapy and other conservative treatments don’t work for your pain and immobility, rest assured that a knee or hip replacement may be your most effective, longest-lasting treatment option.   

Start with the basics

Hip and knee replacements are highly successful surgeries and can restore your mobility and eliminate chronic pain. The replacements contain medical-grade plastic and metal components that replace worn cartilage and damaged bone so that your new joint mimics the same smooth, painless action as a healthy joint.

Reasons to consider a knee or hip replacement

If the medications, physical therapy, and joint injections you’ve tried for your knee or hip pain and restricted mobility aren’t working, your Orthopaedic Associates of Reading doctor may recommend joint replacement.  

Individuals who might consider joint replacement include those who are experiencing:

Even relatively young people engaged in an active lifestyle can experience long-term relief from chronic pain with a successful joint replacement.   

How long will a knee or hip replacement last?

As with most medical procedures, it’s impossible to set a definite “expiration date” for a joint replacement since every case is unique. However, current data indicates you could reasonably expect a previous joint replacement to last 10-15 years.

Evolving technology and surgical technique mean longer-lasting joints

Newer, more durable materials are expected to significantly increase the longevity of joint replacements well beyond previous ranges. A new type of plastic, for instance, has very low-wear characteristics. This plastic, called highly cross-linked polyethylene, is expected to last much longer than plastics previously used in joint replacements.  

New surgical techniques also help reduce the trauma and healing process associated with surgery. The experts at Orthopaedic Associates of Reading are highly skilled at providing the newest and most effective surgical approaches available to help ensure the success of your knee or hip replacement.

The holistic approach to joint replacement 

There are many types of joint replacements available. One practice that helps ensure replacement longevity is choosing a replacement that fits your lifestyle, overall health, and activity levels. The specialists at Orthopaedic Associates accomplish this through a detailed physical evaluation and careful review of your responses to several comprehensive questions.

Your surgeon might also recommend you wear a “smart activity tracker” for a time to record accurate data regarding your routine physical activity, including steps taken, time spent resting, calories burned, and even sleep quality.

This holistic approach to selecting the correct joint replacement helps ensure your surgery is a long-lasting success.

To find out more about modern knee and hip replacement surgery, schedule a visit with us at Orthopaedic Associates of Reading. Call one of our offices in Berks County, Pennsylvania, or book your appointment online. 

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