When Is it Time to Consider a Hip Replacement?

When Is it Time to Consider a Hip Replacement?

No one wants to go through a surgical procedure, but having your hip replaced can restore your mobility, reduce your pain, and increase your range of motion. Still, it’s hard to know when it’s the right time to opt for surgery. Fortunately, you don’t have to decide on your own. Our experienced team at Orthopaedic Associates of Reading offers orthopedic surgery and therapy services.

If you’re living with hip pain, these signs might indicate that hip replacement could be right for you.

It’s definitely your hip that hurts

Hip pain doesn’t always originate in your hip joint, so having it replaced won’t always help. During your appointment, we can help identify the source of your pain and ensure your discomfort isn’t because of your back or knee. Once we confirm that your hip is to blame, we can determine if surgery could relieve your symptoms.

Significant joint damage or arthritis

If you have damage, arthritis degeneration, or a deformity in your hip joint, it’s likely that your condition will only worsen over time. When this is the cause of your pain, waiting to replace a damaged joint can actually make it harder for our team to repair.

Less invasive procedures don’t offer relief

Whenever possible, we try to help manage hip pain and mobility issues with minimally invasive techniques, including physical therapy, joint injections, and medications. If your pain and discomfort no longer respond to these treatments, it might be time to have your hip replaced.

Chronic pain, even at rest

Chronic pain is one of the leading reasons to consider having a hip replacement. If your pain keeps you up at night, prevents you from walking or bending over, and doesn’t go away with rest, surgery could offer relief.

Medications cause adverse side effects

Sometimes, medications alone can help relieve chronic hip pain. Unfortunately, some of these medications can also cause unpleasant side effects, like drowsiness. Certain pain relievers can also be addictive or hard to tolerate.

If you’re looking for long-term relief without the need for pain medications, a hip replacement could be the solution.

Reduced quality of life

If you feel like you’re sitting on the sidelines because of your hip pain, a hip replacement is one of the most successful procedures in modern medicine for relieving pain and restoring mobility. When you feel as though you’ve lost interest or avoid things you used to enjoy, or you start feeling cranky and irritable a lot of the time, it’s possible that your hip pain is to blame.

If you have hip pain and are considering hip replacement surgery, call us at Orthopaedic Associates of Reading or schedule an appointment online today.

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