You Don't Have to Live in Pain: Why You Might Want to Consider Getting That Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip Replacement Surgery, Orthopaedic Associates of Reading

Finally getting relief from your hip pain is reason enough to think about getting a hip replacement, but there are other important considerations. At Orthopaedic Associates of Reading, we understand the extreme challenge of chronic hip pain and its devastating impact on your life.

We’re available to evaluate your hip, answer your questions, and determine whether you’re a good candidate for hip replacement. In the meantime, here are a few reasons why you should consider getting a hip replacement to relieve your pain.

What you should know about hip replacement

Hip replacement surgery has changed dramatically over the years. Today’s advanced surgical techniques, improved wear-resistant materials, and pre- and postoperative protocols that prevent complications are a few of the reasons hip replacement produces exceptional results.

In some cases, hip replacements can be performed using minimally invasive techniques that promote a faster recovery and cause less postoperative pain. And at the Orthopaedic Associates of Reading, we have physicians who are experts in the field of hip replacement.

There’s something else you should know about hip replacements: The success rate for hip replacement surgery is high, with more than 95% of patients experiencing pain relief.

Here are four reasons why you should consider getting a hip replacement:

Obtain long-lasting pain relief

If you’re considering a hip replacement, chances are you’ve already tried every other treatment option available. Some conservative treatments may provide short-term relief, but none of them have made a significant difference. You still have persistent pain that stops you from enjoying your favorite activities.

Hip replacements provide substantial pain relief because we remove all the damaged bone and cartilage and replace it with prosthetic pieces. You no longer have to worry about the grating of bone against bone or inflammation. You can also expect long-lasting relief because about 95% of hip replacements last 10 years, while 85% last 20 years.

Regain movement so you can live life

Most patients who get a hip replacement have osteoarthritis, which means you can count on progressive degeneration with increasing pain, inflammation, and loss of movement. At first you give up strenuous activities, but before long, hip pain and stiffness stop you from engaging in normal everyday activities like walking and standing.

Beyond pain relief, can you think of any better reason to consider a hip replacement than regaining the ability to take a walk with your partner, go golfing with your friends, or play with your grandchildren?

Protect your overall health

The longer you live with hip pain, the more likely you are to become fatigued and to develop chronic stress that can increase your blood pressure and heart rate. Your immune system weakens and you’re more likely to get sick when you’re persistently stressed.

Ongoing inactivity also takes a toll on your overall health. A sedentary lifestyle increases your risk of gaining weight. Your muscles may also weaken and atrophy, which only compounds the problem of muscle wasting that often occurs as you get older.

As a hip replacement reduces your pain and allows you to get active again, your overall health improves. And our patients have shown that as they get active again, they lose weight and lower their blood pressure, and those with diabetes find that it’s easier to keep their blood sugar under control.

When it comes to hip replacement, sooner is better than later

If you’re tempted to live with your painful hip as long as possible before giving in to replacement surgery, you may want to reconsider. Waiting too long gives you more time to develop complications associated with ongoing inactivity. You’re more likely to develop diabetes, heart problems, and high blood pressure.

When your hip joint is damaged or deformed, it’s only going to deteriorate more as time goes on, a problem that could make the joint harder to fix.

If your hip hurts when you rest, pain medication doesn’t help, and your hip pain affects your daily life, you may need a hip replacement. For a complete evaluation, call us at Orthopaedic Associates of Reading, or use the online booking feature to schedule an appointment.

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