When It comes to your Joints, your hips are arguably among your most Important, providing superior mobility and an Incredible range of motion. In this role, they also endure considerable wear-and-tear. If your hips are succumbing to degenerative damage, hip replacement surgery can get you back to moving freely again. At Orthopaedic Associates of Reading. Ltd., we help our patients In Berks County and beyond regain pain-free movement. To learn more about hip replacement call or request an appointment.


1. When should I consider a replacement?

Think about your favorite activities, those that you may have enjoyed for many years, but now seem difficult or impossible due to the nagging pain in your hip. Maybe you’ve been forced to substitute something less intense and less enjoyable, such as taking short walks instead of bicycling with your partner or watching your grandchildren from the couch instead of getting down on the floor and participating in their games.

If you’ve tried medications, physical therapy, or joint injections to no avail, but you’re hesitant about a surgical solution, consider the following:

Muscle Loss

If pain causes you to reduce your activities, you may lose vital muscle mass, strength, and function.

To compensate for your bad hip, you may shift your weight and compromise your good hip.

Further Deterioration

Your condition may worsen over time. Hip replacement surgery is one of the most most successful orthopaedic procedures and boasts an extremely high satisfaction rate as it allows people to regain their mobility and find relief from nagging hip pain.

2. What is the hip replacement procedure like?

When it comes to hip replacements, our team takes full advantage of the latest techniques to ensure your successful outcomes. For starters, you may be eligible for Muscle Sparing Anterior Approach hip surgery. here your surgeon is able to avoid cutting through your muscles, so your recovery time decreases greatly. Some of our surgeons are experts in this approach and teach other surgeons the benefits of performing surgery this way.

As well, Orthopaedic Associates of Reading. Ltd is equipped with utilizing groundbreaking technology that allows us to personalize your hip replacement and helps your surgeon fine-tune the placement of your hip implant to your unique joint shape, allowing for a highly precise fit.

As compared with a traditional hip replacement procedure some potential benefits include:

      1. Increased mobility and range of motion
      2. Greater implant longevity
      3. A reduced risk of hip joint dislocation

During your hip replacement procedure, our surgeons use fluroscopic navigation, allowing precise and accurate positioning of your implants without the surprise.

3. What is recovery like after a hip replacement?

In many cases, hip replacement surgery can be performed with a minimal hospital stay. If you qualify, you may be able to have your hip surgery on an outpatient basis without a stay in the hospital overnight. In most cases, you are allowed to return to your normal activities within the first 2 weeks following hip replacement surgery thereby impacting
your quality of life in the shortest amount of time possible.

What is special about the joint  replacement patient experience at Orthopaedic Associates of Reading, Ltd. before and after surgery?

Our surgeons utilize patient engagement software that will directly connect you and your surgeon prior to and during your surgical experience. in some cases, you will be provided with wearable technology which makes it possible for your doctor to perform many aspects of patient management remotely. For instance:

Health Status

Your health status and quality of life will be monitored through the use of engagement questionnaires where you will complete and submit a series of electronic questionnaires about your health status and quality of life.

Smart Approach

You might wear a “smart” activity tracker, which collects information on your steps taken, distance covered, calories burned, “active” versus “inactive” minutes, and sleep quality.

Personalized Messaging

After evaluating your data, our team communicates with you via a secure messaging system to follow up and provide personalized advice and guidance.

If you’d like to explore your options in hip replacement surgery, call or request an appointment.